Life hits hard…

learn to hit back

Do you feel like you are working hard to create a better life, but getting nowhere?

Like life keeps moving but you are standing still, watching it pass by one day at a time?

If you struggle with confidence, direction, purpose, motivation, and habits this program will change the way you see life and empower you to reach your true potential. The program is designed to empower you to transform your life by giving you the tools and knowledge you need to break the patterns that are keeping you from connecting your life with your true self.

Nothing is worse than telling yourself “everything is ok” day after day and feeling like it is a lie.

Going through life feeling like you are playing a role someone else wrote for you.

Playing someone else’s game, and the harder you try the less you get back. 

Putting what little extra effort and energy you have into looking for a way to change things, but feeling like it is getting you nowhere.

Feeling like every day your true self is fading out of your life just a little bit more.

Losing a little more hope every day, wondering if the day will come when there is simply none left.


What if I told you that the answer to leading a fulfilling life of purpose and impact was right where you are…

And that the only thing you need to realize your own empowerment is to change the way you are looking at things?

Sounds like bullshit, I know…

Let me explain…

None of us is born with a map to success. In fact, success means something different to each person. 

Our lives are influenced from our first moment by the world around us and the people in it. Life hands us all such a powerful script that we hardly have a chance to question it.

We start creating our own map of our lives to begin finding our way without understanding that real happiness, real purpose, and real meaning can only come from a map that lines up with who we are – not a map we create from what the world around us is saying.

If you are like me, your map has been filled with a lot of things:

  • Your family
  • Your Childhood
  • Your friends
  • Society
  • Trauma
  • Failures

If you feel lost and confused because the effort you put into life feels like it doesn’t connect with where your life is going, you need a different map.

You don’t need to follow a map dictated by the world around you that is based on what success looks like to everyone else…

You need a map that YOU create

A map that shows you where you are, where you want to go, and the path between the two to get there.

If you are ready to create your own map for your life, you are ready for the Academy of Hard Knocks.

If you are ready to create your own map for your life, you are ready for the Academy of Hard Knocks.

In this 12-week program, you will learn:


How to create a strong commitment to your own success and why most efforts fail without it.


How to connect with your true self and stop the internal conflict that keeps you stuck.


Discover how fear, distraction, and avoidance are keeping you from moving forward.


You will connect your deepest motivations with your biggest dreams and aspirations.


How to make progress inevitable and avoid flawed goalsetting.


Discover how your mind can be your worst enemy, and how you can win the battle.

taking action

Learn the 4 pillars of action and how to start or stop doing things to take control of your life.


Discover what really creates what we believe is reality and how you have the power to change it.


How to stress less and have more power in your life to influence your world.


Learn how important relationships are in your life and how to make them contribute to your growth.


Learn how to implement our Life Purpose Formula for continuous growth and success.

the journey

How to take your knowledge and put it to work on a never-ending journey to fulfillment and meaning.

Join the academy of hard knocks and you get:


As an Academy member, you receive lifetime access to a 12-week program for complete personal transformation and empowerment. Each week, you will work through in-depth material for each topic as well as assignments to walk you through implementing the concepts into your life. You are able to access the Academy through any device, as well as the mobile app.



Your membership in the Academy includes access to the private Facebook community of fellow Academy members putting in the work to create a life of purpose and sharing the experience with the community. Join the community of dedicated, growth-minded members of the Academy of Hard Knocks and start your journey to transformation now. 


A weekly group coaching call is held for Academy members to offer support and accountability. Each week, we celebrate our wins, discuss our struggles, and dig deeper into the concepts and tools within the Academy. Lifetime access to these calls is included in your Academy membership and are a powerful way to continue your personal growth as part of the community.



The Academy is built on a powerful coaching platform that includes tools like a habit tracker, to-do list, online community and more. This platform maximizes your progress by putting everything you need and more right at your fingertips. When you join the Academy, you get lifetime access to your program and this powerful tool, all in one place.  


what our members are saying

- Luke

“Not only is Shane open and upfront about his battles, but the way he leverages them and fuels them to help others is beyond anyone I have ever met”

- Michele

“There is so much comfort and strength in knowing there is this amazing group of people trying their hardest, encouraging each other, struggling and celebrating along with me. WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!”

- Tyler

“The last two months working with Havoc Mindset has shown me that I can accomplish a lot more than what I’ve been telling myself”

- Michele

“The backbone of this program is self-acceptance and self-accountability, which is why it works for everyone, regardless of your current situation or background.”

- Mandy

“I truly don’t believe I am anywhere near the same person I was when I started this program, identifying these things and working through them have literally changed everything in my life and in the way I view everything I do and my whole mindset!”




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