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Do you feel like life keeps moving but you are standing still, watching it pass by one day at a time?

Join this FREE 5-day boot camp and learn exactly how to get clear on where you want to be, what is holding you back, and what you need to do to change it and get your life moving!

Tired of feeling stuck?

Going through life feeling like you are playing a role someone else wrote for you.

Playing someone else’s game, and the harder you try the less you get back. 

Putting what little extra effort and energy you have into looking for a way to change things, but feeling like it is getting you nowhere.

Feeling like every day you are fading out of your own life just a little bit more.

Losing a little more hope every day, wondering if the day will come when there is simply none left.

You are not alone…

So many people struggle with that same feeling, every day – that feeling like you are stuck in your own life…

That feeling that nothing is changing…

That slow, nauseating feeling like nothing ever will.

For a lot of people, the only escape is avoiding it with food, endless hours of mindless screentime, drinking, or drugs – just to get away from feeling helpless and lost.


What if I told you that the you have the power to change things…

You have the ability to break out of the trap your own life has become…

You have the power to start moving your life in the direction that you want it to go…

And you can start making it happen right now.

Sounds like bullshit, I know…

Let me explain…

If you feel stuck, disempowered, and lost…

Join the FREE 5-Day Boot Camp right now and learn how to get clear on what you want, what is hanging you up, and what you can do to change it.

What we cover

In this 5-Day program, you will learn:


Build belief in yourself and your ability to grow.

Unique Vision

Connect with the vision of your life and what you want it to be.


Discover the root causes of what got you and keeps you stuck.


Learn the tools that you need to make changes in your life that move you towards your goals.

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what our members are saying

- Luke

“Not only is Shane open and upfront about his battles, but the way he leverages them and fuels them to help others is beyond anyone I have ever met”

- Michele

“There is so much comfort and strength in knowing there is this amazing group of people trying their hardest, encouraging each other, struggling and celebrating along with me. WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!”

- Tyler

“The last two months working with Havoc Mindset has shown me that I can accomplish a lot more than what I’ve been telling myself”

- Michele

“The backbone of this program is self-acceptance and self-accountability, which is why it works for everyone, regardless of your current situation or background.”

- Mandy

“I truly don’t believe I am anywhere near the same person I was when I started this program, identifying these things and working through them have literally changed everything in my life and in the way I view everything I do and my whole mindset!”